Car Additives

All engines naturally suffer from a build-up of carbon over time due in part to the varying quality of the fuel available at the pump. Unfortunately this can lead to problems with fuel efficiency and increased emissions. Even the smallest amount of carbon build up on fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers can affect engine performance. We sell a range of products that are specially created to clean, lubricate and protect your engine & fuel systems and can help prevent the build-up of unwanted deposits when used in conjunction with an oil change or regular servicing.

Fuel System Cleaner

Improve your vehicle emission levels with the ultimate tank-treatment fuel additives. Fuel system cleaner restores fuel delivery performance in your engine and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.  Available in specifically designed formulas for petrol and diesel engines, both contain high quality detergents and additives that are poured directly into the fuel tank to restore performance and MPG, eradicating deposits in combustion chambers and restoring flow in fuel injectors. Basically, cleaning the entire fuel system!

For Petrol Engines

For Diesel Engines

Engine Treatments

Naturally over time debris in the form of carbon deposits and old oil deposits can form inside the engine. Also as the engine ages, ware can occur through friction on moving parts.

Through regular maintenance and the use of engine treatment at these service schedules, the life of your engine can be prolonged and deposits minimised within it.

Engine Flush

Engine Oil Additive

Transmission Additives

Transmissions, just the same as engines mentioned above, have many metal moving parts, gear cogs, friction packs and small oil galleries. In the same way; sediments and sludge builds up inside the machine. Preventative maintenance and extra care by the use of treatments can extend the life of your expensive transmission.

Automatic Transmission

Manual Transmission