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Air Conditioning Service

Over two thirds of all vehicles manufactured today come with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard.

Many drivers experience the benefits of air con in their car in a hot climate such as we have but just like other parts of your car, the air conditioning system also needs regular attention to ensure it continues to work efficiently and effectively.

Vehicle air conditioning systems can lose refrigerant gas over time, especially if they aren't used regularly, which means that they may not work as well as they should. This is why car manufacturers recommend your air con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. This service is not part of routine vehicle servicing, so if your vehicle is more than 2 years old it’s probably due an air con recharge.

Using our Imported Texa 760R air conditioning machine Car Tech Service Centre offers a complete air conditioning recharge and vacuum leak test service which will indicate poor performing or leaking A/C units. Our sophisticated machine has a full database of most manufactures and models to ensure your vehicles A/C is to manufactures specification.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

If there are bad odours coming from your air vents when you turn on your air conditioning then your car may also benefit from an air con clean. Over time bacteria, mould and fungi can build up on the evaporator in your air con system which produces this unpleasant smell when switched on. In some cases this can cause sickness and respiratory problems as bacterial spores are blown into the cabin of the vehicle and breathed in by the passengers. 

Car Tech Service Centre has a quick but effective solution by using Liqui Moly's Climate Fresh to kill and eliminate the bad odours and bacteria; please see the demonstration video to the left.

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